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AJM Design + Build, our contractor, has a long-held passion for designing and helping people create their dream.  Anicka’s clients appreciate her “tell it like it is” personality; and her ability to help them discover what it is they really want then make it happen better than they ever envisioned!


They're famous for:

-Interior Design & Decorating​
-Outdoor Spaces
-Whole Home Remodeling
-Single Room Remodeling​
-New Construction
​-Residential / Commercial

What We Do

- Furniture Installation
- Single Room Remodeling
- Interior Design
- New Construction
- Space Planning
- Free Consultations

Hallelujah Square offers a wide range of church furniture and supplies. Our products and services can be customized to meet your needs. Our team works directly with your team to come to the best solution for your church needs. Contact us! 

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Our partners design+build approach is a compilation of creative design and quality construction that makes the remodeling process both exciting and rewarding.  Whatever your style we help you get it done beautifully and quickly with professional results. 

Hallelujah Square is pleased to work with Blue Ridge Church Furniture in order to bring you our own lone of baptisteries and heating units for the church. We offer a wide selection of built-in baptistry tubs. 

For years the Celebration Communion Cup has become the new standard for Holy Communion worship. God has truly ordained the Celebration Communion Cup, as the way for Christians to celebrate Holy Communion on a daily basis. 


​​​​​​Church pulpits and pews are the focal point for any church facility. Hallelujah Square is pleased to offer you a wide selection of American-made, finely crafted products. From wood furniture, to communion tables, to  acrylic and metal pulpits. 

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