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baptismal heaters

Our baptistry heaters are from our sister company, ChurchRite®. Built here in North America, our heaters are unlike our competitors because we pioneered these heaters with new 21sr century technology. When we set off in 2009 to develop an affordable both immersion and circulation baptistry heater systems we began where the others failed, safety. With built-in GFCI options and adjusting heat limiters to more reasonable levels, ChurchRite® paved the way for the current generation of units on the market today. 

​We provide three different types of immersion baptistry heating systems. The first, our #10 heater is a small incoloy unit that lays at the bottom of the fiberglass tub. It has an automatic thermostat and bumpers to help protect it from getting too hot on the fiberglass tub basin. The #10 is perfect for small 100-150 gallon baptistries. 

​We also offer a 120V and 240V Standard immersion heater. These have the optional GFCI which gives our customers the ability to purchase it with or without the value added safety product. Unlike our competitors these units also feature a long cord, so the church can place the high voltage electrical outlet further away from the water source. Less chance of the cord falling into the water and less chance that someone will get electrocuted.

Our circulation systems are also state of the art. They feature a higher horse power pump and they match competitors dimensions. Our Basic heater system uses the traditional method of pumping the water through the heater element, pushing it out the other end. We offer this in both a 6KW and an 11.5KW version.    

​The Deluxe system is truly state of the art, with color coded hookup's, a larger inlet and outlet, optional on board timers and even a new titanium version that will prevent rust with harsh water conditions such as iron or calcium. Our systems are value added baptistry heaters and our customers truly enjoy the safety components that carry along with them.  
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