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Baptismal Heater


 Little Giant Immersion Water Heater

120 V, 1500 W,  15 amp

 240V, 6000 W, 30 amp  

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Available in either the 120V or 240V style. Plugs into an outlet.

The 120V is designed to heat up to 150 gallons so it is used for small, portable baptistries only.

UL listed

This portable immersion heater is our most economical. The heater is mounted over the side of the baptistery with a stainless steel bracket (provided). Simply plug the pigtail cord into a 240 volt outlet, and set the thermostat to the desired temperature.

·         No cutting or modification to existing baptistery

·         Completely automatic and portable using 42” power cord (Included).

·         Stainless Steel mounting bracket supplied for easy mounting

·         High-limit cut off switch set at 125 degrees F.

·         Immersion section of unit made of “Incoloy” or Stainless Steel.

·         All heat confined to the formed horizontal section for optimum efficiency.

·         Cold riser extends to the top of container where control housing is located.

·         3-Conductor cord set with polarized plug included.

·         Adjustable vapor-proof thermostat control with range from 55° to 115° F.

·         Indicator light and on-off switch indicate when desired temperature is reached and breaks circuit when element is not in use.

·         1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


Price $410.00 without GFCI
 $425.00 w/GFCI

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Basic Circulation Water Heater Little Giant 


6 or 11.5 KW


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The Little Giant 6KW - 001 - Kit includes the 6 KW heater with the circulation pump and pump installation kit. This has been the standard heater in use for over 40 years, and is still a favorite.  It attaches directly to the side of your baptistry, with water coming in at the bottom, being heated, and pumped out at the top. (tub must be filled before using). 


One Year Manufacturer's Warranty. The 6KW unit can run on 120V or 240V (240 V preferred).

6 KW Heater - $540.00 + shipping

11.5 KW Heater - $725.00+shipping          

The Little Giant 11.5KW-001 Kit includes the 11.5 KW heater, circulation pump, installation kit, 24V transformer and 48 Amp Resistive Rating Contactor, all required to operate. 


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