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Fiberglass Baptistries
Our ChurchRite® brand of built-in baptistries and portable baptistries are perfect for small, medium and large church's alike. Our models feature reenforced tubing which allows for greater strength when they are filled with water and people. For our larger baptistries, our customers enjoy whats called the split baptistry. These are larger units that we literally split down the middle so you can get them into existing locations. They are seamed up when they are installed. We also carry ChurchRite® small and medium units which are not seamed. These units are made of fiberglass resin and they have features like reenforced panels, textured surfaces to help prevent slipping during entry or exiting the baptism. We also carry a wide selection of accessories like drip landings and hand rails for added safety. Our built-in model baptistries come in the colors white, blue and aqua green. 

​Our portable units are one of the best sellers in the country. Our customers love the value added features that come standard with our portable baptistry. A built in trap door in the rear and drain value make it easy to connect any normal style garden hose to drain the unit and all of out wooden units come with a cover top, stairs with grip tape to help gain entry and a wooden cross.
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