Church Furniture and Supplies



Hallelujah Square Church Furniture, the nation’s only Wholesale Manufacturer of quality church furniture, is pleased to offer our quality church pew line to our customers. We look forward to being of assistance in your important project.

Hallelujah Square pews are built using old fashioned hand crafted techniques developed over generations in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Men there have been known for their furniture skills for nearly 200 years. That area is the historic home to Lane Furniture, Bassett Furniture, Singer Furniture, Stanley Furniture, American Contract Furniture (hotel) and many others. Generations of men have passed down their experiences from father to son (and in some cases, daughter!) 

In building our pew and pulpit furniture, we utilize solid red oak materials, and do not use any particleboard or flake board. Wood is selected for its top grain and stability, then joined together with glues, screws, and other means to craft beautiful pulpits, minister chairs and tables for your sanctuary.


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