Hallelujah Square is an American wholesaler of church furniture and related products. We distribute church pulpit furniture, such as communion tables and pulpits and offer installable or portable baptistries and related accessories, including baptistery heaters and spa-style covers.    Our hand-crafted furniture is built with the finest expertise and care as our master craftsmen have over 50 years of wood-working experience.

With the design, building, finishing, packaging and transportation services we offer through our partner, Hallelujah Square is the largest private church furniture manufacturing company in the region today. We stock most items in our large warehouse and in addition to our stock furniture pieces, we can build custom church furniture to your specifications in a short period of time.  From our popular #1 Church Chair to our Proclaimer Pulpit series, customers consistently rate our products and services above other manufacturers and distributors – an attribute that can help build your church furniture business. 

Church Furniture and Supplies


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