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Church Furniture
Church pulpits are the focal point for any church facility. Hallelujah Square is pleased to offer our customers a wide selection of American-made, finely crafted products. Above are some examples of the products that we offer here at Hallelujah Square Church Furniture and Supplies.  

Wood Furniture
​Our American-made church furniture comes in four different finishes - light oak, medium oak, dark oak and a white / medium  finish. Our products are made from your choice of solid oak, poplar, hard rock maple or birch woods and each piece is hand-crafted in our manufacturing facility located in Rocky Mount, Virginia.

Communion Tables
Our customers love our communion tables. Like our solid wood pulpits, these tables are made in America. Additionally, any of our tables can be stained to match the pulpit that you purchase. Below are a few samples of our communion tables.

Acrylic Pulpits and Metal Pulpits
​Acrylic and metal pulpits are becoming more and more popular in the church and more and more of our customers are asking for them. These types of pulpits are especially favored among churches looking to modernize their facility.

Pulpit furniture

church furniture